PRESS RELEASE / New in 2024: My innovative coaching method Sensus Technique ®. Sensory-oriented coaching for more sustainable solutions.PRESS RELEASE / New in 2024: My innovative coaching method

Life-Coach with Sensus-Technique

Only 23% of changes remain tangible in the long term, according to American studies. This means that you either need daily repetitions or ever stronger impulses. The same applies to change processes with coaching. With my Sensus Technique ® I have found a way to counteract this immense weakening! I help you to connect your coaching solutions with strong memories and feelings within you. And to make them accessible at any time – always with the same clarity and intensity. So, you can always activate your solution at the touch of a button!

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Deep memories, strong feelings: your resource!

Important memories are often associated with taste, smell or music – the smell in grandma’s kitchen, a favorite meal or a very special song. They are deeply imprinted in our limbic system and are linked to strong emotions: Security, happiness, self-esteem, freedom etc. These emotionally charged memories plus matching images can be actively recalled and experienced (the so-called Proust effect).

With my Sensus Technique ®, I create a very specific anchor for your coaching solution, with which you can call up the solution + memory at any time and always. This ensures the sustainability of your coaching session; you always have your solution at hand! Without wear and tear! This resource is your own “super-power”. 

Why are sensoric memories so strong?

The latest scientific studies show that unconscious memories can also be stored directly in the limbic system (more precisely in the amygdala). This is the area of the brain that controls drive, learning, memory and emotions. The special thing about this finding is that these memories are not first filtered through parts of the brain where reason is located.

So, if unconscious memories are recalled, the amygdala restores the physical state as well as the emotions that prevailed when the original experience was stored (e.g. racing heart, sweaty palms or unbridled joy and so on).

Smell as a super sense: unfiltered into the brain

When we see, feel, taste or hear something, these impressions are first examined by the thalamus. Only then do they enter the cerebral cortex.

This is not the case with smell. This is because the limbic system is located near the olfactory bulb. Two regions in particular are crucial here: the hippocampus and the amygdala. The hippocampus is responsible for processing experiences and forming memories. The amygdala helps to emotionally evaluate an event. 

Smells therefore enter the limbic system unfiltered, so to say. They are literally directly associated with feelings – and therefore have a better chance of being remembered.

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Uniquely emotional

Apparently, the limbic system reacts when we perceive pleasant smells that make us nostalgic. And this is what makes the effect of olfactory memories so special: “They are uniquely emotional and moving,” says coach Martin Endara Estrella, “in our heads and in our brains.”

We activate your stored resources

With my innovative coaching method, the Sensus Technique ®, we start right here and anchor the coaching solution, i.e. the desired effect of the joint coaching process, directly to these strong memories. And thus reproduce the associated positive emotions. Strong feelings create strong motivation for the desired change. The best thing about it is that both can be recalled with the same intensity every time.

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As a rule of thumb for the time required for successful change, i.e. the creation of new attitudes or behaviors, it is said to take about 6 weeks. Or 42 days in which the new habits are practiced, activated and repeated daily. In my experience so far, most clients struggle even with 42 consecutive days of practice and their motivation wanes. The desired  goal fades. This does not happen with my Sensus Technique ®!

Especially for companies that support and promote employees and executives with coaching measures, ensuring behavioural optimization is an important premise. With my Sensus Technique ® and active coaching support for the implementation of the results, I promise sustainable realization.

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